Portrait of B.W. Powe by Joseph Amar

B.W. Powe is a poet, philosopher, storyteller, teacher, and essayist. He has published over 14 works, including The Solitary Outlaw, Outage, Towards a Canada of Light, Mystic Trudeau, The Unsaid Passing, These Shadows Remain, Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye: Apocalypse and Alchemy, Where Seas and Fables Meet, and most recently, Decoding Dust. His multimedia projects include scripts and writings for The Noise of Time: the Glenn Gould Profile, Opening Time: on the Energy Threshold, and the upcoming collaborative work, The Tigers of Perception.  His books have been nominated for many awards, and have been translated into French and Czech.  

He has lectured and presented his ideas and books to Canadian, American, and European audiences and readers, forming a special relationship with the University of Catalunya in Barcelona (from 2011 through to 2016).  He became an Associate Professor of Literature at Toronto’s York University in 2010; and he has been part of that department since 1995. He has taught in the Creative Writing Program at York, serving as Program Coordinator in 2013-2014. At York he teaches classes on visionaries, wisdom traditions, new cultural expressions, new forms of consciousness in the digital information age. He has recently participated in the production and presentation of two online lectures for the EMMA MOOC of Distinction project, through the Universities of Naples and Catalunya: one, a philosophical essay, “ESP without LSD”, the other, a reflection on teaching, “Learning with the IBrain Gen”.

He was called “a modern day Magellan” by the Montreal Gazette, one who takes “considerable, unfashionable risks,” by The Malahat Review, “enigmatic… and necessary”, by The Edmonton Journal, a writer whose “heart beats against the current… [and in his work] at its ultimate core invents something original—and oftentimes breathtaking…” by Kenneth J. Harvey in The Ottawa Citizen. Patricia Keeney called his work “an original combination of poetry and scholarship.”  Novelist and critic, Charlie Foran said, “the Powe aesthetic…is resolutely not of our time and our literary culture, and belongs somewhere deep in a European literary tradition, where Carroll and Grimm sit alongside Musil and Amis… [but in] themes, or preoccupations, with how we’ve been altered, chemically, spiritually, by stimulations… that is North American, of course, Canadian McLuhan-Gibson…” Pico Iyer said Powe’s work offers “a soaring alchemical vision”; at IdeaCity Moses Znaimer called his style, stances, evolution, and articulations, “a combination of poetry and rock’n’roll.”

His writings have been profiled on CBC-TV, TVO, CITY-TV, Bravo-TV, CFTO, BookTV and ACCESS.
He was born in Ottawa, raised in Toronto. He now lives in Stouffville, a small town just on the edge of Toronto, and in Cordoba, Spain, with his wife, Maria Auxiliadora Sanchez Ledesma. They travel a great deal together in Canada and in Spain.

He is the father of two children, Katie Mackenzie Powe and Thomas Cole Powe (twins).

He is at present at writing works on the nature of inspiration, his Spanish journeys, a history of visionaries, the crossroads of spirit and matter. He is a lover of music (the guitar), cinema, visual art, and multimedia explorations.